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Can we as a people be learned, with that then translated into teaching?

{With our current knowledge on computers and the time that we're currently in- the time of advancement- Yes. It's wholly possible and Google are already working on this.
Can we a people be learned and translated to something teachable;
Computers programmed to learn like us
A computer: able to simulate, collect data, and calculate; able to learn.
A person: As we begin- learning, but having a built in knowledge from genes, environment, etc (massively shortened list)

A computer will go into each moment to make a choice based on information; outcomes, right and wrong, what is there without something. A person will do the same, with information based on what has been learned and 'face', factors such as emotions, who they are as a person, things that affect us as humans which aren't taught, just built in. 

The computer is missing a 'face'.
Can a person, this 'face' be learned?

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Cambridge; Props to the local government from a homeless.

Cambridge; Homeless, props to the local government At first, I thought that the heroin, crack and alcohol abuse in the homeless community was to kill us- slowly. Everywhere I go, whilst homeless (or even just above lower class), there is a huge supply of heroin and crack cocaine, with the supply and use of the drugs at the point of being both casual and a norm for the people in this society. Think of these drugs for us being your- your toothpaste and dentist, your everyday bus fare, or the alcohol you just have to have each weekend for that little bit of fun you so deserve.

However, the drugs aren’t here to kill us. The friend that had less than four weeks to live, who I only saw for two before having to go, that friend died; the people who were made homeless before they were made teenagers, having their first hit of crack[*C] at 13, they too died in their own way; but the drugs aren’t here to kill us. For what they are here for, I just have to give props to. Click [Read More] to go thr…


It's weird, though. You're so lost, but there is so much surrounding you. It's the empty that is lost that is filled by this emptiness; the form is of question, doubt the substance. Emptiness surrounds you but while you're here, it's at least something to keep you from void.
There are plenty of questions, and if you had the answers, it would be the way out and you know this; but the empty, the suffocation and the image you still have of her are all still her, kept in your mind, and you can still have that here.

The Despair Code .pII

The second of the series on the experiment: "The Despair Code". Read part one [Here]

Entering the Despair Code

We left the last post with: I helped them with their challenges, went through with them and saw what they saw, with the code (as explained later) and their journey projecting their mind unto the world around them so that it could be explored- literally. The tulpa helped me- we played together, went through our own challenges on a different level to the others.

YouTube Advertisements | Google's problem

Introduction - YouTube's advertising problem
Google, now the owners of YouTube, have been pulling advertisements from some of the more 'controversial' channels of the website, with some of the affected (but still legitimate) creators having to pull out of YouTube completely. Without advertisements running on their channel (and with AdBlock becoming more popular and beneficial for the viewers anyway) they are often unable to monetise and earn from their channel, forcing them to leave.
The reason (from YouTube's side) for doing this is understandable, and with the problem affecting other websites, it isn't just them. However, other websites are handling this better. A company like Google should be able to do even more with their man-power and influence. I'll be writing about why they've had to do this, what could be better, and what might happen if nothing is changed very soon. Enjoy reading- I hope that this goes forward to the right people. Now,

Cool Grime.

`Come through a door
a room a dance with swords
now close the door, now, with wh-
or it isn't there. Never mind- Never.
Meet meet fragile sharp shards of words
not meat but nicer ice words cut flesh deep nicely
words doesnt mean wars it can be nice
 youre getting warm-
Excites to get cut on cool and cold ice
ent ice enticed you- if only for a day
Goose bumps if you can cite source of the goose
whom made that ex saying we say in sentences
 with our words -ALL
makes sense to senses* *you sence they like it
like the tough ice touched through we hear in cool words felt
sight the source we seek, look for-
smell the smells from the source of rich
tomato source
used to make tomaytoes eaten 1by the 1rich:
only those who are richy 2rich 3rich.
The definition of definition would be high-
almost at brain level, the definition of a lower eye
i see a scottish looking at me- aye
-a scot captain named scot; aye; aye aye and
+ a mexican i dont have time to
hear their 6 eyes, see three ayes, yell,: ay…

The Despair Code .pI

This is the first post and the beginning of the document titled "The Despair Code". I'll be posting the experiment weekly as I write; keep posted.

Also Read: "Can we as humans be learned, translated into something teachable, and used to create self-learning/aware computers?" (Link opens in new tab)

The Despair Code "3223412"

Avatar | Mountain Banshees


Avatar was shown on e4 a couple of times this week, and though I've already seen the movie, I wanted to watch it again to look deeper into the world. The people, the animals, the society that they are in can be read into with so much detail. I had to make this post. The way they play with death, the constant progress and only the strongest surviving through the trials of tradition set so long ago, unforgiving but not savage- human- an advanced race with so much soul.

This piece is on the 'Mountain Banshees'; Na'vi name: ikran. What is written in here is my interpretation of the relationship between the Na'vi and the Ikran; Enjoy, criticize, and expand (but don't copy without credit, please).