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Cool Grime.

 `Come through a door
a room a dance with swords
now close the door, now, with wh-
or it isn't there. Never mind- Never.
Meet meet fragile sharp shards of words
not meat but nicer ice words cut flesh deep nicely
words doesnt mean wars it can be nice
 youre getting warm-
Excites to get cut on cool and cold ice
ent ice enticed you- if only for a day
Goose bumps if you can cite source of the goose
whom made that ex saying we say in sentences
 with our words -ALL
makes sense to senses* *you sence they like it
like the tough ice touched through we hear in cool words felt
sight the source we seek, look for-
smell the smells from the source of rich
tomato source
used to make tomaytoes eaten 1by the 1rich:
only those who are richy 2rich 3rich.
The definition of definition would be high-
almost at brain level, the definition of a lower eye
i see a scottish looking at me- aye
-a scot captain named scot; aye; aye aye and
+ a mexican i dont have time to
hear their 6 eyes, see three ayes, yell,: aye
I made a mistake- captain scot is a goose... he has the eyes of a bird
(i eat birds eye!(!aye!))(the captain caught it waving)
thats high, in definition, than sea or goose level - is that higher though than a high definition ultra 4k HD T.V
i dont think so do i (1)
What if? if this is his?
what?/! about this...
But think
what about sea, i see E A, S = C<==
thats why the fish i ate was caught~
caught in the game of courting-
chocolate, or fish if the covert fish was late.
maybe the highways were Choc-o-Block
or maybe it had given up on life
 completely at this- given me Haddock - i had /
or at least i /did/ have haddock -
I had hadock with The goose at the dock where he, or she, showed me the meaning of
Goose Bumps
on his iPpod 4.2 ND of a generation
i only had the 4c myself, for i
Bought it as a gift for Myself about a year ago;
two days before the days after chriStmaS. I wrapped in present the present present-
I will unwrap it f my 21st
Birthday)!!!_ i'm 4tFour and 5/6ths today. I had thank
that- for today:
Dear today,
thank you for yesterday ,maybe earlier
%%%because used a second class stamp for this


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