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Cambridge; Props to the local government from a homeless.

Cambridge; Homeless, props to the local government
At first, I thought that the heroin, crack and alcohol abuse in the homeless community was to kill us- slowly. Everywhere I go, whilst homeless (or even just above lower class), there is a huge supply of heroin and crack cocaine, with the supply and use of the drugs at the point of being both casual and a norm for the people in this society. Think of these drugs for us being your- your toothpaste and dentist, your everyday bus fare, or the alcohol you just have to have each weekend for that little bit of fun you so deserve.

However, the drugs aren’t here to kill us. The friend that had less than four weeks to live, who I only saw for two before having to go, that friend died; the people who were made homeless before they were made teenagers, having their first hit of crack[*C] at 13, they too died in their own way; but the drugs aren’t here to kill us. For what they are here for, I just have to give props to.
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[*C] (kræk) Crack noun (DRUG) | Crack noun (ENJOYABLE TIME). First two results on Google for a search on crack in the city link to this dictionary, yet the drug is the NINTH result. How likely is it that people are searching this to find the definition of the verb?

Crack defined by the Cambridge Dictionary- Source provided @

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Homeless; Rough Sleeping quotas in Cambridge (And other local areas)
When the homeless start to say there are too many new people, it really is a problem. We’re going to notice it first, of course, being the statistic that is now growing beyond its quota. The quota is the piece on the pie chart recently found to be too fat for Cambridge, the homeless being the statistic, or as we’re probably filed under on their (unofficial) documents:

[Heroin, Crack, Alcohol users]

No, those people can be useful, and the public have been seen trying to buy heroin and crack, and they’re still loved, so maybe:

[[Lower Class] Heroin, Crack, Alcohol users] - The (mentally and physically) weak, the failed, the persons who agree they have been defeated

“So long as a person is sleeping rough, they shall be placed into this category. With this, we have a tool; we have a group of people who now, upon request, can be pruned for public (ok, ok, our own) benefit.
The ‘hows’ to using this tool are covered in the next section, with the ‘whens’ following shortly after-- For your information and Training.”

Solving the homeless crisis (“Pruning”)
I said before that I used to think the drugs and alcohol were a means of killing off the homeless. It’s only now that I realise the real use of having an entire community addicted, the real value of being able to make such a statement in Cambridge. Have you ever seen this in action? The statement- the sudden decline in homeless numbers-. Sometimes they cry out for help- ‘making a show’ in public, sometimes shouting and being violent, other times they either simply disappear- maybe they commit suicide. I don’t know. For the most part, it’s entertaining, but the real power is the statement made.

This (but perhaps all) statement requires a trigger. It is the trigger which we squeeze at will to make our loud statement, to shoot. The money is targeted, as it’s the money which owns the addict, not the dealer, and the income stream of a homeless person is extremely limited, so being an easy choice- their options for bringing in money being:
  • Begging.
(for the rough sleepers of Cambridge- some cities have thieves and worse):

So it is this single (and only)  means of income that is to be turned into a means of making a statement- a squeezing of this stream and the money is gone, the person falls ill, dies and so is pruned from the streets. But what of the fingers?
Opposable thumbs are required when squeezing a trigger- and I would state that the government dogs have no such thing if I weren’t afraid of being lost in my own metaphors (maybe they collect the dead homeless thumbs in the hopes that one day, they will have what we have).

Anyway, I’d like this piece to be as clear and informative as possible-

Whenever the people of Cambridge need a pick me up, or when the party in control need to look like they’re in control, doing good for ‘us’, doing their jobs, we squeeze.
  • The police; stopping the beggars directly- Giving the rough sleepers ‘court summons’ and banning them from the city
  • The punters; Stalking our spots, hiding us away and taking this part of the stream. They money from the people has to go somewhere, after all.
  • The media; Updated in both ways- either a statement from government/people about the homeless, or a homeless doing something wrong to affect the public opinion of us.

We have prevention: the police, stopping the beggars directly- with some even waking up the homeless to give them a ban from the city or a summon to court.
We have the distraction: punters, both hiding the homeless, taking the public somewhere else, and having that stream of money (that has to go somewhere, if the person is of a kind nature) towards something other than homeless, to drain that excess
Finally, we have the media.

All that is needed (for the public (to be happy)) is for the following to be provided:
Prevention:  (not to be confused with homeless prevention) preventing them from seeing/knowing about us;
Alternates: Someone else to give the money to, someone else to be annoyed by;
Information: Whatever information, however doctored, that makes them happy.
Hide, redirect, inform.

Closing statements- Myself & Being (a) Homeless In Cambridge
Most of the information in this piece is subject to being true for most of the UK & Scotland. I’ve been learning from both what happens to the homeless and what the homeless do in the five years of being a rough sleeper- in and out of homes, hostels, and so on. Learning didn’t begin with being homeless- I was born into this- learning from drug dealers, users, pimps, loan sharks, and the less relevant: business, hackers, books, government.

I try to keep a lid on people being able to claim (and back up those claims) of these ideas being of a crazy person’s conspiracy theory. I hope that it doesn’t read so to you- you do have to be homeless to understand how different the social and class is to real life- it’s like being on an entirely different world. There are periods of the homeless ‘spots’ being saturated and, to the public, being too many homeless people- the homeless people of Cambridge recently reaching their own quota.

When this happens, they usually end up disappearing- some going crazy, doing their public acts, some dying silently.
However, I didn’t write this for you to feel sorry for any of us- I don’t want you to “open your eyes, wake up sheeple!” or whatever. I didn’t write this to attack the homeless- I am homeless- and I love most of the people out here, even those who are on drugs.

This was written to not only give the people doing this to us a pat on the back (because it really is clever) but to put it out there that I am neither retarded nor stupid. I acted innocent, dumb, everything needed for the news and I was hoping to speak with the government about some of the things covered in this piece. They didn’t reply, so I wanted to put something out there- here.
Just don’t think that this is all I know. Don’t think that this is all I will do.


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